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  • Breed character: Large, harmonious, long and muscular with a calm temperament
  • Head: Appropriately large, white, marked
  • Neck and shoulder: Short and strong neck. Fixed shoulder with good width at the withers
  • Chest and side: Well rounded, well filled, not too deep
  • Comb: Strong, muscular and wide with a smooth transition to the loins
  • Loin: Wide, straight and muscular, with smooth transition to croup
  • Croup: Long, broad muscular, slightly sloping with not too high set speeds. Weakly marked tail root is accepted
  • Limbs: Well-dimensioned, strong. The hind limbs with straight rearward hocks, with not too much bending. Strong not too long codes. The forelegs with straight forward (parallel) hooves
  • Thighs: Deep and wide
  • Udder: Not too big, well hung, with not too big teats
  • Height for max grade at grading: Cows 147 to 161 cm Bulls 157 to 177 cm

Optimum and weighting of characteristics (Exterior figures – single animals) Simmental

BodyWidth of shoulder (front)70,1620 %
 Chest depth70,17 
 Cross slope50,17 
 Cross length90,13 
 Cross width80,13 
 Size 157-177 / 147-16190,16 
 Deviation codes for body / racial characteristics 0,05 
Muscle fullnessComb, width90,1750 %
 Loin, width90,15 
 Back length80 
 Thigh width80,20 
 Inner thighs90,14 
 Thigh depth90,14 
 Thigh fullness (from the side)90,20 
LimbsHock angle (side)40,2030 %
 Code angle (side)60,20 
 Pocket position (from behind)80,20 
 Front (front)80,20 
 Bone building60,15 
 Deviation codes for limbs 0,05 
UdderTeat length50,20 
 Teat thickness50,20
 Deviation codes for udders 0,05

Updated 10/02/2022